Sawn Post & Rail


Sawn Post & Rail is a popular approach both aesthetically and practically for paddocks.


The timber can be supplied in a range of sizes to suit the  requirements, and can be constructed with 2, 3 or 4 horizontal rails. A common addition is to attach a stock net to retain other livestock, such as sheep.

Stock Fencing


Stock Fencing can be supplied in various sizes and its general purpose is the control of livestock. Generally stock netting is supported by class 4 or DOT4 treated softwood posts. However, we have recently adopted the Clipex system as an alternative to softwood posts, which incorporates galvanised steel posts, offers lasting performance and a minimum 30 year guarantee. 

Agricultural Gates


From a basic five-bar treated softwood gate to a 6ft high deer prevention gate, or a bespoke paddock gate to agricutual galvanised steel gates, we use our extensive knowledge and expertise  to assist in selecting the right gate for your needs. We also undertake repairs to existing gates, and the replacement of hanging and latching posts.



A popular choice for equestrian centres & properties, equi-fencing provides a secure boundary to paddocks, whilst blending in to its natural surroundings. Supported by either treated softwood or galvanised metal posts, it is strong, long lasting and a cost effective option. With over 40,000m of equi-fencing now erected we like to think we are a local specialist in equi-fencing. All of our team are fully trained in Equine competency and work with care & consideration around your animals.

Electric Fencing


Offering a variety of electric fencing options - including electric tape, rope or single high tensile line wire - we can cover your needs. Electric fencing can be used as a stand-alone fence or added to any of the style of fencing shown on this page as an extra method of containing or deterring animals.


Alongside the fence we can also install mains energisers, solar power energisers & other forms of power to supply your electric fence

Cleft Post & Rail


Cleft Post & Rail has seen a rise in populariity over the last few years, due in no small part to its aesthetically pleasing design and durability. There are many options to consider, among them 2, 3 or 4 horizontal rails and we can supply potsts in a variety of sizes and finishing styles. All of our chestnut rails are sourced locally from managed woodland Estates.