Steel Palisade

With theft from commercial properties a common problem we can bring peace of mind with the installation of 1.8, 2.4 or 3.0 metre high steel palisade fencing incorporating a unique triple pointed top to deter the most persistent of intruders. Constructed on site from galvanised or painted steel all the components once installed are completely tamper resistant.

V-Mex Fencing

A relatively new product on the fencing market V-mex fencing offers maximum security as an anti-climb fence and has proved popular at schools & leisure centres. Its prefabricated design means that it can be installed quickly. Each panel is made from high quality galvanised steel with a plastic coating. Available in a variety of colours, green is the most popular letting it blend in to its surroundings.

Chain Link


A common sight around tennis courts, chain link fencing can be used in a range of applications from security measures to the restraining of animals.


Chain link comes in a variety of height from 3ft up to 12ft and can be installed on galvanised steel, painted steel or concrete posts.

Sound Proofing

Over the last few years we have provided fencing for a number of projects to abate road noise. There are a variety of options available, including timber, acoustic and steel prefabricated panels, designed to absorb and reduce noise levels.

Site Fencing


We supply and erect perimeter security fencing, including hoarding and Heras panels, for a range of sites. We can also custom make site entrance gates.

Security Gates

We can offer a range of security gates to compliment the boundary fencing in a variety of commercial environments, including automated vehicular and pedestrian gates.